No Man’s Land

Exploring the rural areas of southern Romania reveals a poignant tale of neglect and abandonment. In a recent journey, I stumbled upon entire villages seemingly frozen in time, with houses left deserted and in ruins. The somber landscape inspired me to dub this experience “No Man’s Land,” as I marveled at the scarcity of human presence. Whether they were hiding away in their homes or had migrated elsewhere, an eerie sense of abandonment lingered in the air.

Among the rubble of the homes I encountered along my path, what caught the eye was an explosion of color. The abandoned houses, with their broken windows and wind-torn roofs, were still adorned with vibrant hues and bold floral patterns. These ornamental touches seem to be the only remnants of the once vibrant life that existed here. It appears that the passage of time and the migration to urban areas have left these villages in a state of disrepair.

Unfortunately, these desolate images are more than just a visual spectacle. They illustrate the sad story of Romanian rural communities slowly fading away, with unsold houses and ongoing infrastructure collapse. As nature gradually reclaims the land, entire villages seem doomed to fade into obscurity. This rural exploration has prompted me to reflect on the fragility of life in rural environments and the need to protect and preserve these places steeped in history and tradition.

Foto & text: Alex Iacob

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  1. Felicitări pentru ceea ce faci. Te-am descoperit de puțin timp și mi-a plăcut mult ce am văzut și am citit. Ți-am pus pagina la ”favorite”.

  2. Abia acum ti-am descoperit site-ul. Uluitor! Fenomenal! Extraordinar! Cu voia ta, am sa dau un share link-ului pentru ca merita ca oamenii sa-l cunoasca. Bravo!

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