Abandoned Garages and Auto Workshops in the Industrial Landscape

During my urban exploration in Bucharest, I came across a site consisting of abandoned garages, warehouses, and auto workshops, constructed during the communist era. These structures exhibited signs of decay and neglect, reflecting their disuse over the years. The worn-out appearance of the buildings and rusting machinery offered a glimpse into the industrial past of the area.

The graffiti art found on some walls added a contemporary and artistic touch to the industrial landscape, offering a glimpse into the city’s evolving urban culture. This exploration provided an intriguing perspective on Bucharest’s industrial heritage, showcasing the contrast between the aging structures and the vibrant graffiti that now adorns some of them.

Amidst the abandoned industrial spaces, I made an interesting find – a library filled with books and literary materials. The library appeared to be in a state of disrepair, yet it held a collection of literary treasures, offering a glimpse into the intellectual side of the location’s history. This discovery added an unexpected and intriguing aspect to the exploration, juxtaposing the practicality of the industrial structures with the pursuit of knowledge and culture.

Foto: Alex Iacob

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  1. legit going here today. după ce am văzut pozele am rămas socata ,iubesc locurile de genul. voi reveni cu un update/păreri loc diseară ❤️ love ur work keep it up

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